A Sneak Peek at Helice Wen's "(Public) Intimacy"

A Sneak Peek at Helice Wen's "(Public) Intimacy"

Opening on Thursday, May 5th at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, California is People's Printshop artist Helice Wen's incredible looking solo show "(Public) Intimacy."

Helice, who currently resides in San Francisco, was born in China where she became enamored with art through her illustrated childhood books beginning to draw at the age of five.  This passion led her all the way to becoming a professional children's book illustrator in 2009 where she subsequently began to focus on personal work and eventually quit to focus entirely towards showing in galleries.

With an innate, one of kind style to her detailed and delicate works, Wen's paintings and drawings are hard not to love.  Take a look at her in progress works below for "(Public) Intimacy" and be sure to check out her prints on The People's Printshop.


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