Victor Castillo

Victor Castillo was born in Santiago, Chile in 1973. He began drawing obsessively at the age of five, inspired by the animations he saw on television, science fiction movies, and the illustrations on record covers such as Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

Following studies at the University of Art and Social Sciences (ARCIS) and the Catholic University of Chile, Victor joined the independent experimental art collective Caja Negra in Santiago, creating multimedia installations.

In 2004 Victor moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he dedicated himself to painting and established his style with references to comics, graffiti, and old master paintings, particularly Goya’s Black Paintings after seeing them at the Prado Museum.

Victor’s Explicit Lyrics exhibition with Iguapop Gallery in 2007 was a critical success with the national newspaper El País publishing a full-page article about his tragicomic vision titled The Triumph of Pop Surrealism.

Victor’s first solo exhibition in the United States When the Heavens Open was with Roq La Rue in Seattle, followed by Gameland with Merry Karnowsky Gallery, and in 2010 Victor moved to Los Angeles, California, where he lives and works.

Since 2010 Victor's status as one of the world's leading Pop Surrealist artists has only grown.  His work is held in esteemed museum and private collections worldwide.