Ukiyo-e Heroes: Their Story and Woodblock Printing Process.

Ukiyo-e Heroes: Their Story and Woodblock Printing Process.

The People's Printshop is incredibly excited to be releasing six giclee versions of Ukiyo-e Heroes's prints this Thursday, January 21st, 2016 online and in person at Spoke Art in San Francisco, California.  We are also very intrigued by the story behind Jed Henry's and Dave Bull's Ukiyo-e Heroes and the amazing process that their woodblock prints go through to be created.

Artist Jed Henry came up with the Ukiyo-e Heroes in 2012, as they combined his love of Japanese culture as well as pop culture almost perfectly.  His talents as an illustrator allowed him to create perfect, modern adaptations of the ancient Japanese art-form.

Enter Dave Bull.  Dave Bull has been living in Japan for over 25 years studying the art of woodblock printmaking.  Jed and Dave had been corresponding for nearly two years when the Ukiyo-e Heroes idea came about and when Jed brought it up, Dave was immediately on board.  Since their first print, "Rickshaw Cart," their popularity has soared.

Their process of creating these beautiful works of art is quite amazing and involves many steps.  Check out the fantastic videos below that document each part of the journey:

Step 1: Jed Illustrates the Print.

Step 2: Dave Prepares to Carve the Woodblock.


Step 3: Dave Carves the Key Block.

Step 4: Dave Carves the Color Blocks.

Step 5: Dave Pulls a Batch of Test Prints.


Pretty amazing right?  Our giclee versions of these amazing prints will be available starting tomorrow - Be sure and sign up for our newsletter at so that you don't miss them.


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