Rodrigo Luff's "Nemeta"

Currently on display at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, California is People's Printshop artist Rodrigo Luff's brand new solo show "Nemeta."

From Thinkspace's press release: 

"Originally born in San Salvador, El Salvador and now based in Sydney, Australia, Luff creates ethereal figurative works of women and nudes in beautiful dreamlike settings. Inspired by Art Nouveau and turn of the century illustration, his works are ornate and lush, replete with elaborate references to the natural world.

Working in color pencil, pastel, graphite, oil, and acrylic, Luff has honed his illustrative skills alongside his facility with painting media. His works are both linear and painterly, realistic and expressionistic. He explores a feeling of the otherworldly by capturing his subjects in trance-like dream states, suspended mysteriously in fairytale atmospheres. His nudes are often surrounded by kindly owls or other iridescent woodland creatures, and staged in forests or haunted woods."

"Nemeta" is on display until March 19th, 2016.  See all of the work below: