A Look Back Before the Storm

Right before COVID-19 took over our daily lives and placed us in or around our homes for the foreseeable future, during Valentine's Day week in Kaka'ako, Honolulu, Hawaii POW WOW HAWAII 2020 took place.

A celebration of not only art but of community coming together, POW WOW is an absolutely bright light to look upon in these confusing times.

Today we look back at some of the completed murals from the 10th anniversary of the worldwide mural festival:

(Photos by Zach Tutor, Brandon Shigeta, Ian Lundie and Jasper Wong)

Andrew Schoultz

Drew Merritt

Bier En Brood

Tatiana Suarez

Tristan & Matt Eaton


Aaron de la Cruz

Alex Pardee

Baghead & Brian Butler



Edwin Ushiro

Jay Howell

Kevin Lyons

Lauren YS


OG Slick

Dragon76, Woes, Saturno and Jose Mertz.