Alex Garant's "Dreamweavers"

Cropped photo of an Alex Garant painting.

Currently on view at Beinart Gallery in Melbourne, Australia is People's Printshop artist Alex Garant's extraordinary new exhibition of mind boggling paintings, "Dreamweavers."

In this mesmerising collection, Garant invites the viewer join the dreamers, the wanderers, and the adventurers as they embark on a journey through the elusive dream realms. Each stroke of the brush serves as a portal, unveiling the surreal narratives of those who dare to explore the mysteries that unfold when the mind surrenders to slumber.

With Garant's signature style of double exposure and optical illusions, the portraits breathe life into the dreamers' tales. Faces become windows to otherworldly experiences, where the subconscious guides you through a visual narrative, blurring the lines between reality and reveries.

Take a look at a selection of the new works below and don't miss Alex's prints available in our shop!

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