Alex Garant's "Odyssey."

Alex Garant's "Odyssey."

Currently on view at Haven Gallery in Northport, New York is artist Alex Garant’s solo exhibition, “Odyssey.”

“Odyssey” is Garant’s third solo show at the gallery and features twelve new oil paintings that explore themes of color, form, shape and design. They are a visual and artistic journey as the artist expands her motif while simultaneously moving from her home in Canada to new lodgings in the United States. The title may reflect the long distance travel as well as the continued exploration of movement in her work. Garant’s portraits have always focused on motion and optical illusions, suggesting her sitters are in flux in the corporal form, or perhaps, a representation of the multiple selfs present in all of us. “Odyssey” takes this one step further as abstract forms of color, shape and design extend themselves in what can be suggested as the form of continual movement.

Take a look at the incredible new work below:

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