Alex Garant's "Proprioception" at Haven Gallery

People's Printshop artist Alex Garant is not only releasing a brand new, limited edition print with us this coming Thursday, June 22nd, but the super-talented Canadian artist will also be opening an incredible solo exhibition, "Proprioception," on Saturday, June 24th at Haven Gallery in Northport, New York.  Take a special sneak peek at her gorgeous work for the show below:

Garant explains "Proprioception" (Which translates to 'one's own' in Latin): "My new work explores the vivid world of traditional portraiture coupled with my signature double-exposed figures. This body of work is finding cohesion via its subjects but offers great variance through colors and contrasts. Each piece is meant to evoke a unique experience in its own context. By overstimulating the audience and saturating canvases in visual stimuli, my new body of work embraces overwhelming overstimulation and flirts with a seducing confusion."


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