Allison Reimold's "Poison Bloom"

Currently virtually on view at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is People's Printshop artist Allison Reimold’s solo exhibition, “Poison Bloom.”

“Poison Bloom,” is a seven-piece series that immortalizes the female portrait, empowering femininity in a way that feels both classical and contemporary. Each individual piece is meticulously rendered and gorgeously framed, but Reimold’s work is not merely decorative. As a whole, the series represents her meditation on the duality inherent to the femininity she depicts. Reimold explains, “‘Vessel’ was the first piece conceived in this series, and in many ways is a piece that defined the whole series. It is about springtime, a season of change, and the passage of innocence. Our heroine carries a vessel, which traditionally represents femininity, spreading petals into the fertile earth, while butterflies, a symbol of transformation and transcendence, obscure [her face that] would normally be the focal point of her beauty.”

Take a look at the work below: