Andi Soto's "Into the Void"

Andi Soto's "Into the Void"

Currently on view at Haven Gallery in Northport, New York is People's Printshop artist Andi Soto's solo exhibition, "Into the Void."

“Into the Void” is Soto’s third solo show at Haven Gallery and features new mixed media paintings (ink, colored pencils, acrylics and gold) featuring the artists doll like female sitters as they find balance and harmony within their own personal feelings. Each sitter is situated within dark backgrounds revealing all knowing expressions and peaceful airs, giving off deity-like embodiments, imbuing hope and acceptance. An introspective study of oneself is encouraged and embraced as we face our personal demons and tribulations. These voids may represent the darker end of life through emotional strife with respect to the human condition, yet Soto’s paintings reflect on the acceptance, understanding and growth of her sitters. It is through these challenges and hardships that we shine the brightest and see colors at their most luminous.

Take a look at Andi's beautiful new work below:

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