Anthony Hurd's "Verified."

Currently on view at the Brand Library and Arts Center in Glendale, California and presented by Thinkspace Projects, is People's Printshop artist Anthony Hurd's solo exhibition, "Verified."

In a wonderful world of random blue check marks, engagement farming, social media clout chasing and general acting a fool, we find ourselves in the midst of the golden age of the death of social media. It’s failing us all. Every morning I reach out in hopes of some comedic value, as an escape from the dread of being unable to reach the vast majority of my own audience. Still feeding the beast that buries me daily in anxiety I continue my joyous doom scroll and do my civic duty of providing endlessly useless data to the advertising machines. No matter the damage, I still come crawling back to my abuser for comfort, to suckle on its black barred, censored tit and let it caress my burning brain with one hand while it picks my pockets with its other 99 hands for that sweet, sweet, dopamine rush, worth it.

So I embrace my capture, I turn the dialog inward and say “this is fine, this is ok, just keep clicking!” And I along with billions of others continue to scream into the void of endless data gathering in hopes of a better tomorrow.

Take a look at the new works below:

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