Behind the Scenes with Alex Garant for "Seeing Between"

Take a look behind the scenes with People's Printshop artist Alex Garant as she prepares her work for the upcoming two person exhibition, "Seeing Between," alongside artist Lukifer Aurelius opening May 5th, 2018 at beinArt Gallery in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.

"Garant’s pieces in this show explore the idea that what we see and what we feel are never the same: there is a disconnect between visual stimuli and the emotional response associated with them. While maintaining a seductive aesthetic and working with traditional media, Alex Garant’s new series is meant to invite the viewer into a different way to experience art. Her work creates a tension between beauty and disharmony."

Alex's brand new limited edition print, "My Big Life," will be released Thursday, April 19th at 1PM PST in our shop.