Brian Mashburn's "Until the Sea Shall Set Them Free"

Brian Mashburn's "Until the Sea Shall Set Them Free"

People's Printshop artist Brian Mashburn recently debuted a number of exceptional new works with his solo exhibition, "Until the Sea Shall Set Them Free," at Talon Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  Take a look at the new works below.

Brian Mashburn is an oil painter based in the mountains around North Carolina. His work features beautifully rendered subjects from the animal kingdom set in the foreground, against ethereal, layered, landscapes. In his paintings the natural world and human habitats are shown at close quarters as spires and ferris wheels jut out from mountain ranges and tree-lines. Animals and birds are brought into the foreground and presented as the focal points of his pieces, with the blurring of boundaries between humanity and the natural world as a compelling backdrop.

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