Brian Mashburn's "Fictions"

Currently on view at Haven Gallery in Northport, New York is People's Printshop artist Brian Mashburn's incredible solo exhibition, "Fictions."

As the title suggests, this new collection pulls inspiration from fictitious works of literature and embeds these written references in his multi-layered landscapes. Brian’s work traditionally blends various geographic identities with a variety of animals and terrains. Influences often stem from works of history, non-fiction titles and real life animal studies, to ground his visual fundamentals into reality. His trained hand merges these varied elements into one seamless environment creating a pastiche of time and place. A new perspective on the movement of time and the necessity, as well as persistence of the natural world. One cannot exist without the other, and similarly, works of fictions and expressions of creativity must prevail for the permanency of civilization.

Take a look at the stunning new work below:

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