Chris Austin's "In A Silent Way"

Chris Austin's "In A Silent Way"

Opening on November 5th, 2022 and on view until November 26th, 2022 at Harman Projects in New York City is People's Printshop artist Chris Austin’s must see solo exhibition, “In A Silent Way.”

Austin paints surreal landscapes where marine life exists hovering above ground. These formerly sea dwelling animals, no longer relegated to the ocean, float freely through a new and unknown world filled with man-made infrastructure. Whether cautiously exploring on their own, or interacting peacefully with a mysterious raincoat clad child, the creatures appear to move silently and without resistance through their surroundings.

About the new exhibition, the artist states: “I wanted to focus on the perceived silent serenity of marine life movement underwater, and introducing the same serenity in our everyday lives and environment…..I feel as if we are constantly surrounded by chaos and anxiety and that there is something to learn from our friends in the ocean.”

Take a look at the new work below:

We have a new timed edition print by Chris coming to the shop on Friday, November 11th.

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