Edwin Ushiro's "It's Getting Harder to Say Goodbye."

Edwin Ushiro's "It's Getting Harder to Say Goodbye."

We are proud and honored to announce Edwin Ushiro's limited edition print, "It's Getting Harder to Say Goodbye" which will be released on Thursday, April 27th at 1PM PST in our shop!

"The print is based on a story collected by Hawaiian historian and folklorist Dr. Glen Grant entitled, “The Lost Little Girl of Manoa Valley.” The story goes, in 1970, John Murakawa walked his dog at night next to the Chinese graveyard in Manoa Valley and finds a girl crying. When he asks her what she is doing here so late at night, she replies that her name is Eily Kang and she is lost. He takes her home. He and his wife eventually figure out an address through the phone book and takes her there. When John speak to a man that answers the door, he tells the visitor that his description and name of the found girl fits his daughter. However, she died 30 years ago. John guides this man to his car only to reveal that the backseat is empty. Stories of vanishing hitchhikers are found throughout America, Europe, and Asia. They vary in how they are noticed and disappear. Some will guide you to the place of their demise. The most unfortunate issue here is they continue to be trapped in this repeating cycle. I wanted to portray Eily in a more positive light. To wander forever in the beauty of childhood. The cat is my neighborhood’s most friendly cat named Bindi. I want them to be companions and explore the mysteries of the night together." - Edwin Ushiro.

Edition of 50.
16" x 24"
Signed and Numbered by Edwin.


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