Frank Gonzales at Antler PDX

People's Printshop artist Frank Gonzales will have brand new paintings on display at Antler Gallery in Portland, Oregon starting on Saturday, August 28th, 2021.

Gonzales says of his work: “My work is about taking reference from various sources including books, the internet and photos to comprise and create my own imagery. By creating my paintings through reference or made up elements, there becomes a play between artificiality and realism. I like to combine elements that may seem believable picture wise, but wouldn’t normally thrive in real life. My compositions are never thought out much beforehand. I like the spontaneity of starting with a background color or single image as a jump off point for the rest of the painting. One image will spark another and the process takes shape from there. I find this way of working to be both exciting and uncertain. My various marks and color glitches mimic this uncertainty resulting in a visual stillness and movement.”

Take a look at a few of the marvelous new works below: