Jason Limon's "Perplexed."

Currently on view at Beinart Gallery in Melbourne Australia is People's Printshop artist Jason Limon's solo exhibition, "Perplexed."

Every five years or so, Limon takes a good look at his art and how he creates it to see where he can continue to grow. During this time, there seems to be a flood of information going through his mind. Not only does he evaluate the subject matter and all the elements used in his paintings, but also he evaluates many other aspects of his life. It is a confusing time that feels overwhelming, because the one thing that is certain is that Limon always wants to continue to create.

In Limon’s art, things may get filtered out while new things get introduced, and along the way, there is a strong mental battle about these elements. In this series, the painting “Perplexed” portrays this idea: complex thoughts and images fill the head of a figure that is nearly submerged. Although Limon has found these transitional periods difficult to adjust to, he is coming to understand that they are a part of his creative process. All of these paintings in the Perplexed collection question who he is inside and what more he will find outside.

Take a look at a selection of the phenomenal new works below:

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