Jason Limon's "Stripped Down"

Currently on view at Haven Gallery in Northport, New York is People's Printshop artist Jason Limon's solo exhibition, "Stripped Down."

“Stripped Down” features ten acrylic paintings highlighting the artists recurring skeleton figures as they bemuse us with their visual wit and whimsical wordplay. Words of emotional repartee are the focus of this series, often mischievously conveying the complex sentiments of the human condition. Limon’s paintings create a four dimensional universe which perpetually traps his skeleton characters in a cryptic storyline to express the complexities of human psychology. He sees the skeleton not as a representation of life and death, but rather a universal symbol that that portrays an idea without a specific identity. These narratives fuse storybook-like imagery with the empathetically uncanny and humorous to amuse and assuage the weight of emotive sentiment. Limon’s paintings steady the macabre and entrenchment of emotion in a light-hearted portrait of our inner selves.

Take a look at some of the phenomenal works below:

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