Kelsey Beckett's "The Amber Orchard"

Kelsey Beckett's "The Amber Orchard"

People's Printshop artist Kelsey Beckett's solo exhibition, "The Amber Orchard," is currently on view until April 11th, 2020 at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

Regarding her new works, Beckett shares, “previously bright and abundant scenes quietly desaturate, bringing with them the hush of a tawny, amber atmosphere. Certain figures flourish in lulled solitude, softly gazing at the viewer as if they share a deep and intimate secret. Others seem faintly aware that they’re being viewed at all, having found lush and tranquil relationships with another being. These immortal figures maintain their own mystery and calm, some adorned with lavish couture and luminous greenery, others forever suspended in a silent pastoral, relying on color and symbols to shape their story. These characters attempt to share the burden of transition and loss with the viewer, gently reassuring them through soft looks and velvet ambience that they are not alone in the delicate passage of time, and that abundance exists even in decay. It is once again the perspective and unique circumstances of the viewer that helps breathe life into each subject, enjoying a moment of silence and reflection, before allowing themselves to move on.”

Take a look at her gorgeous new paintings below:


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