Martine Johanna's "How to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety through Good Housekeeping."

Currently on view at MasseyKlein Gallery in New York City is People's Printshop  artist Martine Johanna's must see solo exhibition, "How to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety through Good Housekeeping."

This fascinating exhibition from Johanna delves into the relationship between public perception and private self-image, incorporating irony and light humor. Central to Johanna's work is the multifaceted role of women in Western society, with a focus on the female figure. Her semi-autobiographical paintings, straddling surrealist abstraction and intricate narratives, examine perceptions of gender, competition, beauty, personality, and attraction in both personal and art historical contexts. The vivid scenes highlight the stark contrast between reality and dreamlike escapism, prompting discussions about identity crises stemming from societal expectations and social media pressures.

Johanna's inspiration originates from her childhood, where she experienced a strict upbringing within traditional gender divides. Escapism was found in dime novels, TV programs, and fashion magazines, much like today's screens and social media channels. Her female protagonists playfully depict the struggle between youthful naivety and adulthood while trying to establish their identities. The artist draws inspiration from Titian's Venus with a Mirror, using modern and prismatic techniques to create visually stimulating compositions that leave the viewer to ponder and interpret the scenes. Adopting 1970s color schemes, technicolor television, and Fauvism, Johanna first paints a dark ground on linen or panel and layers the narrative with rich colors, brighter hues, and neon, resulting in elaborate, detailed, suggestive, and mesmerizing paintings.

Take a look at her exceptional new paintings below:

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