Nick Sheehy's "Hollows"

People's Printshop artist Nick Sheehy's solo exhibition, "Hollows," is currently on view at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“Hollows,” created entirely while in lockdown from the COVID19 pandemic, highlights the expected bizarro scene stills and typical misfit characters Sheehy’s known for, however these new pieces highlight a different side of his work and what the artist says was an attempt to keep things more “painterly and atmospheric”. Despite the overall dark palette and tone of this collection, titles like “Everything is OK” and “V Sign” show a real effort to keep things positive through the experience of months of isolation and the emotional heaviness that inevitably went along with it.

The artist writes, “What started as an exploration towards a richer and darker atmosphere, ultimately turned into a series of scenes taking place in a cave-like world where various familiar and not-so-familiar characters evade, snare, hunt, and hoard. Tripping over littered fossils and stumbling past forgotten totems with forgotten meanings, our cave dwellers emerge from the shadows, and take a step into the light.”

Take a look at the new work below:

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