Our Artists, Inspiration & Resources During Quarantine!

Our Artists, Inspiration & Resources During Quarantine!

Today we take a look at a number what our roster of artists are up to during quarantine as well as links for inspiration and resources that will hopefully help take your mind off these confusing times:


Alex Garant

Alex is working on brand new work for her solo exhibition this coming September at the Museum of Art & History in Lancaster, California.  Alex is moving to full body figurative works in her latest paintings.  You can view her available prints here.


Allison Reimold

Allison is continuing work on a number of projects including illustrations for an upcoming Miyazaki exhibition at Spoke Art.  This piece - available as a print in our shop - was posted by her with well wishes that everyone is "staying safe, staying sane and staying home!"


Caitlin Hackett

Caitlin is offering live painting sessions for all her followers and fans several times a week where she answers questions and offers artistic advice on her Instagram.


Casey Weldon

Casey - who has a brand new print release dropping with us next week, 4/2 - is just coming off a very successful solo exhibition at RECESS in San Francisco and has been posting topical works the past few days.


Chris Austin

Chris is staying hard at work while urging us to stay healthy and self isolate.  We have a new release by him dropping into our shop in the coming months.


Edwin Ushiro

Edwin just completed a series of murals in Honolulu, Hawaii for POW! WOW! HAWAII! 2020 and currently has only a few copies of "The Lifting and the Releasing" left in our shop for purchase.


Frank Gonzales

Frank continues to work on brand new paintings and prints and also has been keeping us updated on his cactus garden via his Instagram.


Glenn Arthur

Glenn, who just released a brand new hand embellished print with us, is keeping his fans updated of his daily activities in his studio via his Instagram and Twitter.


Helice Wen

Helice is hard at work creating topical works for our times while keeping her fans updated of progress shots and more via Instagram.


Jolene Lai

Jolene is taking this time to show us behind the scenes photographs of what her work is inspired by and it's incredibly interesting.  You can follow along on her Instagram.


Kelsey Beckett

Kelsey just completed a very successful solo exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, California.  She is busy at work in her home studio on a series of small illustrations which you can see on her Instagram.


Martine Johanna

Martine is busy at work on a solo exhibition at Koch x Bos opening in May in Amsterdam.  Be on the lookout for a new print by her dropping into our shop soon as her two remaining prints available from us are almost sold out.


Nicole Gustafsson

Nicole is taking a break from painting and instead taking time for herself and featuring her dogs on her social media.  Don't miss her prints in our shop


Nick Sheehy

Nick is keeping busy and sharing updates via Instagram Stories.  We have a very large selection of incredible works by him available as prints in our shop.



ONEQ, an already reclusive Japanese artist, has updated me via email that she's safe and hard at work.  You can keep up to date with her on her Instagram and you can also take a look at her latest release with us, "Ikuchi."


Ruth Speer

After releasing a brand new hand embellished limited edition print with us just a few weeks ago, Ruth has been hard at work creating new paintings for various exhibitions.  Her commentary on her work and her ideas behind the image and process are fascinating.


Sarah Joncas

Sarah, who just released her limited edition print "Pond Dreams" with us, was recently featured in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and is hard at work on brand new paintings.


Sasha Ira

Sasha is hard at work on brilliant new paintings while staying home in her home base of Chicago.  Her hand embellished releases with us are available in our shop.


Scott Listfield

Scott is offering to teach courses online and is offering art support through his Instagram, so definitely hop on over there to stay tuned to what he has in store.  We have a print by him dropping into our shop on Thursday, April 16th.


Sergio Lopez

Sergio is staying hard at work, releasing "Paint Drips" every few days as well as releasing new episodes of the art podcast he co-hosts, "Waiting To Dry."  Be sure to check out his available prints in our shop.


So Youn Lee

So Youn is hard at work on new paintings as well as multiple projects which you can keep up to date on via her Instagram.


Tran Nguyen

Tran, who just released an absolutely phenomenal limited edition screen print with us, continues creating stunning paintings and illustrative work.  You can follow along on her Instagram.




  • Supersonic Art: Comprehensive New Contemporary Art Website curated by Zach Tutor (The guy who wrote this blog post).
  • BOOOOOOOM: Quite possibly the world's best art blog.
  • Beautiful Bizarre Magazine: Excellent art & culture resource.
  • Colossal: Fascinating and inspiring art & visual culture from around the world.
  • Juxtapoz: The leading art & culture magazine in the world.



  • Waiting to Dry:  A podcast about art by Santa Rosa artists Joshua Lawyer and Sergio Lopez.
  • Art Affairs: Featuring in-depth conversations with artists, gallerists, curators, printmakers and more.
  • Robot and the Bear: A loosely based Art podcast from gallerist Eric Nakamura and artist Luke Chueh.
  • Radio Juxtapoz: Juxtapoz's official podcast.
  • Vantage Point Radio: Interviews with mural & graffiti artists.
  • Clean Break: An Art and Business podcast.



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