Peter Adamyan's "This Land is Land"

Peter Adamyan's "This Land is Land"

Currently on view at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, California is People's Printshop artist Peter Adamyan’s extremely poignant solo exhibition, “This Land is Land.”

Peter says of the exhibition: “The title of this show comes from the famous Woody Guthrie song but I have removed the “your” in an attempt to give ownership of land back to itself.

The exhibit is an exploration of how we manage and exploit our planet, but with a greater perspective of how in the grand scheme of geological time our impact of the last 10,000 years is short, but ever present. The planet will heal, even if it takes a billion years after our inevitable extinction. Our notions of land ownership is naive when comparing our lifespan against the planet’s. We can not own a piece of land anymore than a mosquito owns a piece of your flesh when sucking your blood.

Alongside new works and a collection of corrupted landscapes installed salon style, I have created an installation exploring the recent rising intensity of forest fires here in California, inspired by the day almost a year ago when we awoke to an orange glowing sky and the feeling of being placed on another planet, or a sick version of earth.”

Take a look at a selection of the new work below:

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