Scott Listfield's "AM Gold."

Scott Listfield's "AM Gold."

Opening on Saturday, April 8th, 2023 at Harman Projects in New York City is People Printshop artist Scott Listfield's exceptional solo exhibition, "AM Gold."

Scott says of the exhibition: "'AM Gold' is inspired by the music of my life. Although these 24 brand new paintings don't necessarily represent my 24 favorite songs, or my all time favorite bands, I tried to pick music which brought back the most tangible memories for me: Listening to the radio in my friend's mom's wood paneled car on the way to nursery school. Wandering around New York City on a spring day with my walkman, while on a brief break from college. The paint covered boombox we used to put cassettes into in my high school art room. Watching European MTV in a hotel room on the one night I spent in Amsterdam. Riding the subway home from work listening to my first iPod. Going to Australia for 4 months with basically only the Wu-Tang Clan to listen to a trillion times over.

I was also inspired by the kind of physical media we mostly don't have, don't need, or don't care about anymore: album covers, CD's, posters, cassette tapes, stereo equipment (with actual knobs), band flyers, zines, photos cut and pasted from magazines, mix tapes shared amongst friends, passed down from cooler older siblings, or made to impress crushes.

Of course we now live in a streaming era, and I wouldn't have been able to circle back and find the music which tells the story of my life without it. And so, accompanying this show will be a selection of playlists which I'll continue to post on Spotify. It's an extremely personal list. It's not the best music of the last handful of decades. It runs through a number of incongruous genres. It's definitely not cool. In other words, it's me. AM Gold: the songs from my past, in the present."

Take a look below at some of the phenomenal new paintings:

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