Scott Listfield's "Heavy Metal"

Opening today - Thursday, July 29th, 2021 - at S16 Gallery in Montreal, Canada is People's Printshop artist Scott Listfield’s incredible new solo exhibition, “Heavy Metal.”

Scott says of “Heavy Metal”: “As a lot of you know, I spent most of the past year and a half making paintings about the quarantine, and about political strife, literally painting the crumbling bonds between us, and the fractured sense of reality I experienced being largely trapped at home for the duration. I’m glad I did. I think I made some of the most important work of my life during that time. But I’ll be honest. Man, did the last year and a half suck. I know, I know. Hand me the pulitzer right now for that sentence. Very profound. Nothing we haven’t all thought a million times.

But when it came time to make paintings for my upcoming show at S16 Gallery in Montreal, for the first time in forever I felt a twinge of something unfamiliar. Call it hope, call it optimism, call it just having SOMETHING on my calendar for the first time in ages. But I was feeling surprisingly ok. I left behind some of the darker and more introspective themes of my recent work and instead turned to.. Heavy Metal Magazine? Well, yes, sort of. I’ve long been inspired by classic sci-fi illustration from the 60’s and 70’s, although more so in concept than execution. But for this latest show, I had some fun and dove into wooly mammoths, pyramids, asteroids, spaceships, laser beams, caves, moons, and giant monolithic rocks. I painted lime green skies, bright orange rocks, futuristic buildings and saber tooth tigers. I had some fun, some actual FUN, and it was great.”

Take a look at the extraordinary new work below:

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