Scott Listfield's "Suns & Moons"

People's Printshop artist Scott Listfield's phenomenal solo exhibition of new works, "Suns & Moons," is currently on view at Beinart Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

“Exploration has always been an important theme in my work," Scott Says.  "Without being able to do hardly any of that, of course, painting through the COVID era has been a bit of a challenge. I mean, just living through the COVID era has also been “a bit of a challenge,” which is, I hope, the dumbest and most obvious thing I admit out loud for a while. I still vaguely remember the early years of this thing, many decades ago, in early 2020. I spent that time making paintings that tried to make sense of a world that seemed to be crumbling around me. Some indeterminate time later, let’s say the middle of 2020, I made a series of paintings about my mental state crumbling around me as I lived my life largely confined to home, secluded and shuttered away from friends and family. Then, finally, a few, tentative steps outside refreshed my outlook and I made some paintings that felt like Spring: a rebirth, flowers and nature and animals blooming anew again. And then, well, we can’t have nice things, can we? I’ve settled into the fits and starts stage of this global pandemic, now stretching beyond a year and half long, where things are good and then bad, open and then closed, hopeful and then not.

During this “late period pandemic” or whatever we want to call it, I’ve increasingly been drawn to visuals that go deeper into the reaches of science fiction. I’ve long been influenced by classic sci-fi illustrations of the past, but I usually painted my astronaut into a landscape more closely resembling present day Earth. Or, at the very least, a future or past not too far off from our own. But I’ve been craving escapism, lately, and who could blame me, right? And so, in my latest show Suns And Moons, I’ve left some of the present day concerns behind and let my astronaut wander a spacey and cyberpunk universe, filled with sprawling cities, neon signs, concrete forms, floating objects and, yes, suns and moons. It’s a bright, electric world that might be some alternate universe from our own. It’s a place I wanted to visit and spend some time, even if I didn’t leave my house much to do so.”

Take a look at some of the stunning pieces below:

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