Scott Listfield's "The Multiverse."

Opening Saturday at Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles, California is People's Printshop artist Scott Listfield's must see solo exhibition, "The Multiverse."

"This is a show about escaping. Escaping back into my own life and finding it again. After almost 600 paintings, and a couple of tough years for all of us, I'm feeling reflective. This is the most personal show I've ever done: 23 new paintings where I step back in time and walk in the footsteps of younger versions of me. I revisit my oldest paintings and allow the astronaut to haunt familiar places. The centerpiece of this show are the three largest paintings I've ever made, each a literal monument to those I've lost along the way. I've been inside lately, looking back. It's time to go outside again and look to the future."

Take a look at the astonishing new work below:

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