Syd Bee's "Sweet Phantom" at Roq La Rue

Syd Bee's "Sweet Phantom" at Roq La Rue

Currently on view at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington is People's Printshop artist Syd Bee's absolutely astonishing solo exhibition of delightful new works entitled, "Sweet Phantom."

"Sweet Phantom" is influenced the lurid delights of horror cinema imagery and the lowbrow pop aesthetics of mid century comics that focused on the campily macabre. This show focuses on the femme fatale side of horror, with a series of inviting, lushly painted heads seductively greeting you. You may not make it through the encounter with these ladies, but you'll enjoy it!

"As a person who is naturally drawn to darker subjects, I adore stories of lost love, mystery and death. Bright, radiating colors are particularly appealing to me, and I find them to be powerfully psychological and emotional. In my own work I enjoy marrying moody concepts with vibrant palettes. I find the effect can be dreamlike and otherworldly. 

While working on these paintings, I embraced the pleasure of horror, glamour, and kitsch– referencing familiar motifs from cinema and literature. The title of the show “Sweet Phantom” is both a nod to those mysterious and chilling stories, and has also become a kind of term of endearment– an expression of my fondness for all things stylishly weird, eerie, and supernatural." - Syd Bee

Take a look at a selection of the works below and don't miss Syd's prints available in our shop!

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