Young-Ji Cha's "Seesaw"

People's Printshop artist Young-Ji Cha's exceptional solo exhibition, "Seesaw," is currently on view at Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles, California.

In this exhibition, Cha presents paintings that focus on various characters which often are juxtaposed against a thin line between reality and fantasy. Although the themes are seemingly whimsical in nature, they showcase underlying tropes of morality, life, and death. Cha takes her work to the next level, having often experimented with these creatures in the past, and taking this opportunity to unify them in a collection that deals in extremes.

‘Seesaw’ was inspired by Cha’s personal highs and lows throughout everyday life. Using themes from traditional Korean motifs and lore to stage her characters, she crafts surreal moments that are utterly engaging.

“I wanted to tell stories of ups and downs I experienced using characters and elements that are familiar to me. I experimented with low key and high key palettes as well as different mask designs to illustrate my ideas in a more surreal way.”

In doing so, Cha creates scenes that invite imagination from the viewers, leaving the “why” and “where” open to interpretation.

Check out a preview of the beautiful work below:

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