Rodrigo Luff's "Afterglow"

People's Printshop artist Rodrigo Luff has an incredible solo exhibition, titled "Afterglow," opening on Saturday, June 29th at Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles, California.

Luff’s personally inflected figurative works blend realism and fantasy, recombining the edges of the probable with the incandescence of daydream. Expressing the imagined and impossible through the contours of a physically plausible world, Luff stages ambiguous borders between the spiritual and material, allowing the internal and emotive external expression through nature. This tension between the manifest and invisible haunts Luff’s intensely contrasting and vibrantly hued imagery, while a state of perpetual atmospheric dusk hosts these ghostly apparitions, both human and animal, hemmed by the fiction of otherworldly light. With edges cast in acidic, dayglow gleam, Luff levitates their edges in buoyant, fluorescent halos.

Take a look at the stunning new work below:

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